CR PLASMA offers you Water Mist and High definition plasma cutting

Water Mist Technology

Is the Future

CR PLASMA offers a one torch plasma solution for high definition cutting of mild steel and water mist cutting of stainless steel. The High definition system uses advanced gas mixing technology to maximize the quality of cut finish in mild steel.  In less than 5 minutes and a consumable change, the system is ready to cut stainless steel with its leading water mist technology.

The stainless cut quality is unlike any we have seen from conventional plasma cutting technologies,.

Thermal Dynamics Water Mist System (WMS)


The Revolutionary WMS systems opens up stainless steel cutting to the plasma process

Typically air based and high definition based plasma cutting technologies cannot establish a good quality cut on stainless steel.


With a combination of water mist and nitrogen the Thermal Dynamics Ultra Cut systems can overcome this limitation and process stainless with a very high cut quality.

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High Definition Mild Steel cutting fully Integrated


Stainless water mist cutting becomes a high definition mild steel cutting system with a simple consumable change

In less than 5 minutes The Water Mist System can be crossed over to high definition steel cutting. The steel cutting process uses advanced gas control modules to optimise the finish on mild steel. There is no comparison between the finish quality of the high definition cutting compared to standard air only power source plasma cutting systems.

Please contact us to see it for yourself.