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CRplasma cutting systems | Industrial quality plasma cutting machines at affordable prices

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We can build you a machine almost any size you need and taylor the machine to your specific needs.



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Here at CR Plasma we are building a range of high end affordable industrial CNC cutting systems. With our own in-house expertise in plasma and CNC technology we bring you industrial performance and reliability at an affordable price

Custom Design Machines

We can build you a CNC plasma cutting machine almost any size you need and tailor the machine to your specific needs. We have standard 10 x 5 foot models that we usually stock. We can build 4 foot x 4 foot models and 4 metre x 2 metre models. Or feel free to request a custom size to suit your business needs.

Highest Quality Parts

We are not a box to box company. We build all our machines out of the highest quality European sourced parts and components.  The result is a very reliable platform to carry out heavy plasma cutting production schedules.

Finance options available | Exceptional after sales service

If you work with us we will not just provide you with a machine. We will provide you with a production solution. We can provide finance options when purchasing and we will help you get setup and into full production quickly with full training packages available.

 Cut Steel to a finer tolerance – every time

Our machines will position the plasma torch to below 0.1mm of accuracy. The CNC controller will then control the movement to within 0.1mm of what you have designed in the drawing. The result is the same part size every time. No manual plasma torch work is needed. The CNC control system takes control.

Reduce Waste | Speed up production | Rapid payback

Our CNC plasma cutting system can help you reduce steel waste by allowing nesting and part layout optimisation. The cycle time per part will reduce significantly when compared to manual cutting. The result is a rapid payback on your investment when parts in large or small volumes are needed.

Easy to use software

We have set out from the start to keep the software as easy to use as possible. The workflow is very straight forward and you do not need to be an IT expert to use the machine. The interface is clean and easy to follow. With a few simple clicks you are cutting steel with ease.

Fully integrated steel cutting solutions

Decades of experience as Hypertherm service agents

Our in-house experience with supply and service of Hypertherm and ESAB plasma cutting systems gives us the expertise required to support a CNC plasma cutting system in the field.

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CNC experts

Specific in-house expertise in CNC systems and control with STONEYCNC

We have teamed up with StoneyCNC who have over 1000 CNC controlled systems in the field. The result is a fundamental knowledge of the inner workings of every machine.

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A new generation in Plasma control software Designed with the Operator in mind The CR Plasma control software has a fully customised GUI specifically designed to connect the operator to...


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We Are Hiring

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The CR plasma CNC cutting system has transformed our operation. The extra efficiency the machine gives us allows us to be much more competitive when pricing work.

H&M Iron worksSteel fabricator

We knew we needed some automation in our workshop and the CR plasma machine has really stood up to the test of steel plasma cutting in a production environment. From our own jobs to outsourced work the plasma cutting system has been a huge boost to productivity

Extreme Steels Steel fabricator

From a total novice on the PC to a plasma cutting operator. The lads at CR plasma were really helpful to get us up and running when we knew very little about CNC plasma cutting

Declan FabricationsDrogheda