Plasma control software

A new approach to CNC plasma operation

CR PLASMA have intergrated a new generation of software control into the POWERCUT range of machines.

Instant communication to the opertor

Live interface of exact machine position at all times during setup

The control software gives the operator live feedback on machine position relative to the sheet loaded on the table. Whether you are nesting large arrays of parts or for making small parts from offcuts the live GUI is invaluable to ensure you always have enough work piece under the torch

Integrated Torch Height Controller

Live feedback of torch states, cut heights and torch height control status

On the front panel the operator has full access to the torch status. The interface panel communicates what the preset cut heights and settings are as well as communicating live status on the height controller and torch setup. The result is a system that allows the operator to see exactly what is going on during the cutting process.

Ultimate process control

Clear control of job loading and setup

We have developed a clean and easy to follow setup allowing quick and easy control of the loading and running of plasma programs. The operator has all the tools he needs on the front panel

Integrated torch library database

Integrated setting management tool 1 click from front panel

Integrated into the CNC controller is a database management tool where all the torch settings and steel thicnkess values and associated parameters can be stored. There are also more complex functions available for high end advanced work.