About CR Plasma

The CR Plasma cutting systems are the result of 15 years of research and development into the area of CNC plasma cutting machines. With our in-house experience as Hypertherm and ESAB service agents as well as being the "go to" company for any plasma machine service or breakdown request, the logical next step for us was to offer and build our own plasma cutting machine.

CR Plasma has teamed up with StoneyCNC and developed an industrial robust and affordable set of CNC plasma cutting machines. The first machine in the lineup is the POWERCUT 10 x 5.

The aim with the POWERCUT 10 x 5 was to develop an affordable machine that had the power and robustness of an industrial high end plasma cutter. The machine series boasts the highest quality parts all built and assembled in Ireland. We have seen countless Chinese and other imported machines go down in the field with little to no backup or support.

Our aim is to produce a series of machines with off the shelf local part and spares support, together with a reliable and affordable controller and CNC system.

CR Plasma strategy

The machines we build are heavy duty and robust. Heavy gauge steel used in tables for long lasting machine carcass performance

The machines have been designed to be as simple as possible. Keeping the machine as simple as easy to work on as possible enhances our ability to support the machines in the field and service our OEM partners

We are directly involved in the design operation of the controller system and therefore we have full control over the spare parts and supply of all hardware, software and electronics. All motor drives and plasma controller systems are supplied and supported by us directly.

We have aimed to make the control software as easy to use and as fluid as is possible. You don't have to be an IT genius to use the machine